All Levels Yoga

Build strength, flexibility and stability.   Gain a better understanding of alignment and yoga asana.

Gentle Flow Yoga

Slow flow yoga practice. Gentle and accessible for beginners or those looking to slow it down and focus on foundations.

Yoga Fit

Yoga meets HIIT fitness training. Creating a full body workout with awareness of breath and movement.

Hoop Fit

Get ready to work your core while laughing and moving through this hula hoop centered exercise class.

Posture Restoration

Postural Restoration Therapy uses corrective based exercises that promote proper posture and joint alignment.

Deep Stretch


A long hold stretch practice that releases the body and mind by slowing down & taking support from props and the ground.



Combination of yoga flow, functional anatomy understanding, and exploration of the body. 
Come and experience an understanding of your body.

Pop Up Classes

A wildcard of classes that focus on a modality of movement or yoga not normally offer in studio. 
Align & Define

Breathe & Move

Skills & Drills