Gentle Yoga -

Perfect class for beginners or those wanting to slow it down.

Practice longer holds while working on stability and strength with minimal pressure on wrists or shoulders. 

Morning Flow -

Get your morning started off right. This class will have you   ready for the day with its energy boosting movements balanced with breath and intention.
"Doing yoga first thing in the morning increases energy and focus throughout the day,"

Yoga Flow -

Each teacher has her own flow class prepared just for you. It can be modified to suit your body and needs. Experience a yoga flow class with any of our talented and passionate teachers. 

YIN - Deep Stretch -

Long holds. Deep breaths. Allowing the body to relax and release in new ways. YIN will take you to that next level of softening into each position. This practice helps to release and restore the fascia (connective tissue) of the body. 

 Posture Reset -

Imagine a class that helps to regain function of your normal movements. Focused on creating just that, Posture Reset is lead by a Postural Therapist who's mission is to get you in tip top mobility so that you can move through your day with ease. 

Hoop Fit -

Work your core. Work up a sweat. And work up a smile. In this fun and creative hula hoop class.

Can't hoop? We don't believe it! Jess provides a hoop for any level and style. We can get you there!

Yin Yang Yoga-

A combination of flow and deep stretch, this class leaves you grounded and feeling amazing. 

Pop Up Classes -

With so many interests and explorations of movement, we offer several pop up classes to keep you expanding and exploring a new way to move your body.

Keep an eye on Social Media for any classes coming up!

Community Yoga


$5 Community Yoga Class

This is yoga for the community.
Our doors are open to everyone interested in attending a yoga class.