Pressure Point Massage

Therapeutic & Relaxation Massage

Enjoy a Relaxation or Therapeutic Massage


$85 hr

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Individual Hoop Session

Get ready to nail that trick or transition while working one on one with Alley Hoop

$50 hr

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Individual Yoga Sessions

Trying  to land a certain position?
Looking to gain better understanding of your body?

Ready to work on building strength and flexibility  catered to your individual needs?


$75 hr

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Yoga Teacher with Student

Individual Posture Therapy

Work to gain better joint positioning and reduce pain through Posture Therapy.  Vita is a Postural Therapist with a BA in Kinesiology who is ready to help you begin to live a better life. 


Free consultation

$110 hr session

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Senior Physiotherapy

Not only do we offer individual sessions, we also offer group sessions, classes or performances for events & functions, and so much more. 

Contact us at if you'd like more info on other packages we offer. 

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