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Eden Traylor

Yoga & Movement Teacher

Eden teaches in a way that challenges you to look at your movement and body differently. Her classes break the normal idea of a yoga class adding in dynamic movement, body cues, and breath focus.


Alley Hoop

Hoop & Fan Teacher

Alley's journey into hooping took her to places she never imagined.  She has lost over 100lbs, gained energy and is living a life she dreamed of creating. Her  classes teach the foundations of Hoop Dance- tricks, combos and FUN!


Jessica Boyangiu

Hoop Fit Teacher

Jess believes anyone can hoop and she can get you there! If its movement or hoop size she'll help you achieve waist hooping. Her class is fun, sweaty, and a core workout. 


Cyndi Allen

Yoga Teacher

Cyndi teaches in an accessible way offering modifications and clever prop usage. Her class  is an excellent start for beginners or those looking to slow it down. Cyndi has extensive knowledge of the body and provides creative prop usage to get you feeling yoga in your body.


Vita Zagorodny

Postural Therapist

Vita teaches you to move your body in a new way. Her work as a postural therapist and background in Kinesiology has put together a group class that helps you gain functional movement to decrease pain and move freely throughout your day. 


Geena Huggins

Yoga Teacher

Geena has a love for teaching that creates space and freedom of movement and exploration. Her class goes anywhere from free flow to long holds, helping each student tap into their own strength.


Helen Porter

Belly Dance Teacher

Helen  gives you the keys to unlock your innate abilities to move and dance. Join her in a journey through the language of the soul. 


Guest Instructor


Experience a class, event or series from one of our talented guest artist or teachers.