Private Posture Therapy Sessions

  • Retrain

    Retrain the muscle memory

  • Regain

    Regain your muscle strength and function

  • Restore

    Restore your body movements and change your quality of life!

During the appointment you will learn about your posture and the alignment of your body. After assessing posture photos, functional testing and gait analysis Vita will then develop a program that is specifically designed for you. Each session is one-on-one with the therapist. After going over each eCise(exercise), Vita will make sure your body has responded positively and you are comfortable with the Menu(series. to. continue). You will receive a description of each eCises, including videos via email follow up. You will then continue on your own daily and set up further appointments with the therapist.

In Person Therapy Sessions at MUNE

Consultation   Free

Single Session $125

8 Session Package $800

16 Session Package (can be shared) $1200

4 Session Starter $450

8 Session Maintenance $800

16 Session Maintenance $1400

Individual Maintenance $100