Seated Side Bend

Private Yoga Sessions

With private instructions, you can deepen your practice, increase your confidence, ask questions in a confidential environment and receive personalized guidance and hands-on adjustments designed to your individual needs.


Private yoga classes allow you to work on the positions and stretches that make sense for you on your schedule and at your own pace. These private sessions allow you to ease into yoga in a safer manner, with proper alignment and a clear focus on your goals and needs.


A private teacher can modify your positions and select ones that work around your particular challenges. This is also great for people who find it difficult to do certain positions due to injury or mobility problems.


In a private class, you can have an individual program that’s tailored specifically for your needs. Your teacher will plan sequences that incorporate the positions you want to achieve, and help you to work towards your yoga goals


These are several reasons to choose a private yoga session.

If you're interested in booking a private or a semi private for a small group feel free to reach out to discuss your needs and how we can assist in your yoga journey. 


Each private will need to fill out an intake form to be completed prior to the initial session. 


Email to inquire: