Yoga Mentorship

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This mentorship is designed for those who are currently yoga teachers, have completed a teacher training, or are interested in becoming a yoga teacher(with special circumstances).


You will benefit from the guidance of a senior teacher to help you develop your teaching voice and use of language, sequencing, the business of yoga, or how to break down the mechanics of yoga asana in different bodies.


You also have a choice to focus on yoga philosophy and breath- depending on your needs and desires.


This mentorship provides access to 4 one hour sessions with a lead teacher, 2 classes in the studio, and observations of classes with your mentor during the 2 months from the start of the mentorship.


At the end of the sessions we ask that you lead a class in the studio with an observing mentor- if feeling ready- for a re-eval.


The mentorship series can be repeated once the original 4 sessions have ended. 


- 4 private 1 hr sessions

- class observations

- 2 class passes 

Email to inquire and book a 15 minute consultation to see if this is the right offering for you and to determine the direction of the mentorship.